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    I experienced that 'rapid fire' from a Deathgrip jelly again . I wasn't trying to move, just had auto-attack on, and suddenly there was a flashing between the jelly and Psylence, as I did before, I moved and it broke the cycle. rapid fire.JPG

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    Some monsters spawned from digging maps, paralyze for 3 seconds. While others of the same species, paralyze for 4 seconds. Often these 2 spawn from the same map.
    I like my undead's effectiveness against jellies. But when they overlap 3 second and 4 second hits, there is very little anyone could do. Especially when there are 2 jellies and a 3 Treasure Hunters ( elf or stalker) or 2 Treasure Hunters and 3 jellies.
    Even doing high level maps in groups, there isn't much way to fend off that type of attack. *just venting* I really love doing maps. I can hardly wait to hit 10 adventure, so I can get runes, and newer spells.
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