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Thread: Improvement (Bumping)

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    Improvement (Bumping)

    Great game! I would like to be able to bump npcs for future improvements. I've been unable to travel through mines do to npcs blocking my passage! If all of us would be able to move the line along by (Bumping) this would be a great new edition to the game. We would no longer have to effect our relationship with other races! Happy Hunting!

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    Very true encountered the problem in tollar through the mines with death grip jellies in my curiosity to get farther I killed some drog miners lol sorry drog just had to be done...but yea bumping would really help.

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    Thanks for the information provided
    I'm enjoying happy wheels with my all the friends. you should also enjoy it the same way and be happy

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    Can we lighten up identify status? Us old-timers have a hard time seeing it...

    Thanks in advance

    identify too dark.JPG

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